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The Bullpen Gospels – reviewed by Nationals Fangirls

The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran, by Dirk Hayhurst.
Reviewed by: Nationals Fangirls

I first found Dirk Hayhurst in 2007 when my dad sent me a link to his Non Prospect Diary. His stories were hilarious, and the Joys of Manning the Ball Bucket is one of my favorites. Once later that year and once in 2008, I emailed him with rookie-fan questions:

“Why do I feel like such a loser around ballplayers when I’m really just a big fan?”  Though I’m sure he thought it, he never said, “because you are.” And, “I’m always star struck around ballplayers, any tips for more meaningful interaction in autograph lines?” (cringe)

He left a huge impression because he responded to both emails, respectfully and articulately, taking the time to explain, with examples, reasons why ballplayers do what they do, and things fans should remember about ballplayers as people. Common sense things, of course, but what ballplayer takes the time to explain it to a fan? And I wasn’t even a Padres fan, the team whose system he was a part of at the time… Read more | Buy the Book

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