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What is your most precious Baseball Book?

There are some books that no review can do justice, and it does not matter because it was important to us in some way. I have one of those books, seen here below at my desk in the HQ. Somehow, like my Social Security card, it has stood the test of time. It is a wonderful little 1963 copy of the Baseball Facts Book — better known at the time as the “Dope Book” — published by The Sporting News in 1963.




I look at it every now and then. It just reminds me of the constant thread of baseball, and how much life has changed along the way. Today we make things like the At Bat app that you can see beside the Dope Book above, as stark contrast. In their own completely different ways, they were both created for the hardcore baseball fan and then updated.

I spent most of the 1990s as a writer, editor and executive at The Sporting News in St. Louis, and sadly had to watch too many fire sales of their legacy products as times changed for the old “Bible of Baseball.” This was one of those byproducts. I got the book for maybe a quarter at a fire-sale table in some warehouse in St. Louis. It had to live on.

What about you?

Mark Newman,

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