June 2012

A Glove of Their Own

By Evan Drellich of MLB.com

Somehow, Bob Salomon — a 46-year-old state worker from New Jersey — has assembled an inner circle of pro ballplayers and athletes, a group that’s helped him as much as he’s supported them.

It took nine months before they’d listen to him. Now he’s the one taking their calls.

“Seconds after speaking with Bob, I knew his intentions were good and his mission mirrored mine, which is to have an impact on kids through the game of baseball,” retired Royals star Mike Sweeney said. “I immediately said, ‘Hey, I’m all in, and I’ll team up with you in any way I can.'”

The mission for Salomon starts and ends with a benevolent cause. In 2008, he teamed up with authors to create a A Glove of Their Own, an illustrated children’s book. The story centers around underprivileged kids who play baseball with the help of a donation of a bag of equipment from an old coach. They take that kindness and determine when they grow up, no child should go without a glove — that they should pay it forward. What started out as a book, Salomon hopes will continue as a full-fledged movement surrounding that idea for the benefit of children. More

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